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What Clients Have to Say

Josh and Hadley Gallini


"We are beyond grateful for PawT Academy! Upon discovering that we would be getting our puppy less than three months before the birth of our first child, we knew it was essential that we found a good program that would jumpstart the training process for us in hopes of a smoother transition. Johnny started his training at just 10 weeks old and it was amazing to see his results. Training of course did not mean that he would no longer have the temperament of a puppy but it taught him basic skills that made home training far more effective. Due to his weeks spent at PawT Academy, he learned how to learn quickly. For example, he had a very hard time holding his bladder and struggled with a consistent potty routine. Kelli worked with him to ensure he knew the difference between using the bathroom inside and outside and when I trained him to ring the bell on the door when he needed to go outside, he picked up on it in just 10 minutes and has had very minimal accidents inside since! He has never woken up in the middle of the night and has been fully crate trained since the day we picked him up. It is so nice to know that we can leave him in his puppy play pen and not have to worry while we are gone. He also is a GREAT car (and airplane) dog! He loves to be on the go and was trained so well to stay in his seat and be still while riding in the car. He is extremely well socialized around children and other dogs. He does not go crazy when a new person rings the doorbell, knocks, or enters the room. He waits patiently until invited to be welcomed by a newcomer. We could not be more grateful with how he acts around children as we have one on the way. He is extremely playful with them when in the right setting yet calm and gentle when needed. The only time Johnny ever reacts to a noise or situation is when the ice maker begins . We love the obsession of ice that Kelli instilled in Johnny! Upon entering into Kelli’s home to pick up Johnny, it was evident that he was loved and adored during his time with her and her family. He continues to need constant love and attention with training but learned the fundamentals of how to be trained and how to learn making him extremely quick to pick up on new things. Overall, we are HIGHLY satisfied with PawT Academy and would recommend it to anyone looking for high quality training for their puppy!"

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