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Potty training

The potty training program is 4 weeks long and begins as soon as possible. Ideally I get the puppy when he is ready to leave his mom (8-10 weeks old). I use crate training as the basis of my program which simulates the den in the wild. Dogs do not like to eliminate where they sleep; when I create a "den" in his crate he will avoid messing it up as much as he physically can, thus holding it until I take him outside. In the beginning this requires nighttime potty breaks which can get exhausting! Most puppies have gained enough bladder control to hold it all night by the time they go home. The process takes time and consistency but will build a solid foundation in his brain for appropriate/inappropriate places to potty.

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Basic Obedience and Socialization

Positive reinforcement methods are used to promote good behavior and train simple commands; no angry shouts or physical discipline is used. Dogs are very intelligent and quickly learn if I am happy about their behavior or not; changing the tone of my voice is all it takes with a lot of dogs. I begin to acclimate him to life in our house right away; we practice going up and down stairs, how to walk on a leash and lying quietly during crate time. I begin with the 'sit' command and add more difficult commands as the puppy matures. He will learn to chew on toys not human hands, what 'no' means and how to play with his toys.

Your puppy will be with me during an impressionable time in his life. I am passionate about socializing puppies properly by exposing them to sights and sounds that will be common in everyday life with you. Introducing them slowly while creating a positive experience reduces the anxiety they feel during certain activities. Car rides are a prime example! Some dogs adore riding in the car where others quake in fear; by introducing car rides to them during this stage of life they will more readily accept and enjoy riding in the car all their life. 

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Puppy Nanny

I also offer puppy nanny services if your schedule doesn't allow you to come and pick your puppy up at my home. Options include flying your puppy to your local airport (the puppy will ride with me in the plane cabin) or meeting you at an airport local to me.

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