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All About Kelli

Your sweet puppy will spend  4 weeks my HOME! One on one with me and my family.  He or she will begin the transition to becoming a part of a human family with a variety age of kids as well as common family excursions. Fun trips to the veterinary office will get her used to the strong smells and noises; car rides of different lengths will get her comfortable with traveling wherever you wish to go, and playing with our children will help her adjust to a child’s excitement and noisy demeanor.
I, Kelli, grew up on a farm and developed a strong love of animals very young. I have had several dogs over the years including Gypsy (Husky), Faith (Yorkie), Roxy, Sheba and Cassie (Chessies) as well as horses and cats. After high school Ipursued a career in veterinary technology and in 2002 became a registered veterinary technician. I enjoyed working with clients and their fur babies to maintain good health and strengthen the human/animal bond for 7 years before turning my attention to my children. I now look forward to working with and educating new dog owners with tools to begin a rewarding relationship with their new puppy. Let me know what your specific needs are and I am willing to help!

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